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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a very beneficial tool in the comfort, health and healing of your pet. This is a drug free, surgery free way to reduce pain, reduce inflammation and speed healing.


There are multiple reasons for the use of laser therapy:

~ACL tears                                           ~Allergies        

~Arthritis                                            ~Burns          

~Ear Infections                                   ~Edema         

~Gum Disease                                     ~Hip Dysplasia         

~Infections                                          ~Trauma

~Neck and Back Conditions              ~Pancreatitis         

~Post Surgical Healing                       ~Renal Disease           

~Skin Conditions                                ~Sprains, Strains and Fractures

~Tendonitis                                         ~Tooth Extraction Healing         

~Urinary Tract Issues                         ~Wounds...AND MORE!


Your pet will wear protective goggles and lay back for a relaxing treatment that will leave them feeling much better than when they arrived.


Talk with us today about how we can help your fur baby have a much more comfortable life!